Beauty Salon

Beauty salon

The beauty salon “GODA” is unique for its cozy and warm atmosphere, professional specialists that are able to offer stylish hairdos and makeup, beautician services, manicure, pedicure and many other beauty treatments.


Salon GODA is a professional and innovative hairdressing team that will take care of your hair. We will create a unique style, we will paint your hair, adjust haircut, straighten or nail hair or make a occasional hairstyle – GODA hairdressers can fulfill all your wishes. In the beauty salon, not only women, but also men and children are welcome. After all, everyone has the right to be beautiful or to change. The GODA cabin is always especially delighted with the arrival of future brides or other important occasions for unwilling women to dress up. We are following the latest fashion trends in hair styles, so we can always offer our customers a stylish hair styling opportunity so that you, cute women, feel exceptional on your own day. Update your hairstyle and enjoy the brilliant and beautiful hair every day! KC, Schwarzkopf cosmetics are used for hair care.


Makeup can highlight the most attractive features of your face and hide the flaws. A professional makeup tailor made for you will give you a sense of distinction and self-confidence. GODA specialists in every situation will help you to look flawless. In the beauty salon, we will make a full-time makeup so that your eyes glow and appreciate the naturalness of the surrounding people. A woman adorned with evening / evening make-up will be proud of expressive eyes, rich lips and shine. We will make the bridal makeup very carefully and exclusively for each brunch, because the young must look flawless, during the whole festival, as well as in the moments of the festival. Used in GOSH, MaryKay cosmetics.


Beautiful nails are an aspiration for every woman. In the beauty salon GODA we will take care of your nails and hand skin so that manicure and pedicure look perfectly and neatly. We offer: hygienic manicure, hot manicure, nail polish, SPA program for hands, pedicure, nail extensions, nail polishing with gel polish, paraffin bath for hands / feet. Take some time to take care of your hands and feet! Have a wonderful manicure and pedicure become your business card. Tools used: Gehwol, Pedibaehr, iBi, Gelish, Cesars, EMI, Trind, Micro Cell, and Intermediate.


Depilation – the removal of unwanted hair from the surface of the skin – becomes a modern woman’s routine. Incidentally, beauticians have noticed that in the summer, removing hair from different areas of the body is hurting not only women, but also men. After all, soft, well-groomed skin is a sign of sexual desire, good tone and contemporary style. Wax depilation is one of the most effective and widely used hair removal procedures. It is an effective remedy that helps to get rid of the unpleasant sensations that remain after a shave blade. For depilation, sugar and honey are used in water-soluble ingredients, therefore, after the procedure, it is enough to wash the skin with water to clean the depilatory area, less painful procedure than wax depilation, because natural substances are used, it is less irritated after the procedure for cleansing the skin, resulting in lower side effects (redness, swelling, bleeding).


Facial treatments are one of the best ways to care for your skin, especially when done by an experienced, knowledgeable specialist. Facial cleansing, scrub and skin nutrition, stimulates skin’s beauty, moisturizes and helps to look younger. Face treatments are the second most popular spa treatment after a massage. GODA beauty salon cares for cosmetic procedures for men: therapeutic and preventive facial cleansing, therapeutic, nutritious, moisturizing, relaxing masks, applied ionophoresis, relaxing facial massage.
Special cosmetic products for men are used. Professional facial care specialists will recommend a procedure and cosmetics for everyone according to the type of face: facial massage (5 types), facial masks, moisturizing treatment for dry facial skin, facial wrinkle treatment, hygienic facial cleansing, facial wax depilation, mesotherapy + mask (ultrasound ), non-interstitial facial mesotherapy (ultrasound). After the facial cleansing procedure, the skin is renewed – it becomes fresher, smoother and healthier, and also stops flushing. With clean and shiny skin we look healthier and more beautiful. Tools used: Mila D’opiz, PHYRIS.